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Why OR?

Orvis Consulting applies analytical and scientific methods to help inform decision makers, so that they better understand the impact of their decisions.

Some decisions are easy.  We don't even think about them.  We choose between cornflakes or museli, orange juice or apple juice, tea or coffee.  These decisions don't take a lot of time or thought and we wouldn't expect to have to justify them afterwards.

Some decisions are difficult and have significant consequences.  These are usually business decisions such as which contractor to select, which vehicles should be included in the fleet, where to site the delivery depots or manufacturing plant, what capacity the business should have.  These decisions have to be justified to others, and might be the subject of detailed scrutiny later on.  And it usually will take a significant amount of effort to collect the information needed to make the decision.

Orvis Consulting can help your business or organisation to understand its decisions.  We apply OR, "the science of better", to help inform your decisions.

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